Knowledge OF Electric Fuel Pump
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An electric fuel pump is a tool used to power a vehicle's engine system by providing fuel through the use of electronic means. The electric pump is a post-World-War-II innovation that made cars more efficient, reliable and affordable. The electric fuel pump is an alternative to a manual fuel pump system and is widely considered to be a better use of technology with regards to the function and operation of motor vehicles.

Electric fuel pumps generate positive electrical pressure

 in fuel lines, which drives fuel to the internal combustion 

engine. An ignition switch activates a relay that manages 

the higher current necessary to increase fuel pressure. 

product Strength:1. more  professional Manufacture

                              2. Pretty high reliability

                              3. Various model suit different kinds vehicles

                              4. High quality

                              5.Good reputation

                              6. Prompt delivery

                              7. Better after-service

                               8.environmental protection 

                                9.To facilitate the  procurement    

                                10.strictly to ISO/TS 1649, standard



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